As the flowers begin to peek through the soil and the birds return, there are just a few months to prepare your home for the impending summer heat. But many people in Kelowna spend an unnecessarily large amount of money on their cooling costs each year.

There are many things you can do to save on energy consumption this summer using the tips below

8 Energy Saving Tips for Spring and Summer

  1. Open your windows. With our beautiful mild spring weather, it’s the perfect time to let natural air flow throughout your house. Open the front and back windows to get a cooling cross-breeze.
  2. Use ceiling fans. Circulating the air in your house with ceiling fans will allow you to turn the thermostat up four degrees. The blades should move counter-clockwise in the summer to push cool air down.
  3. Clean your air conditioning unit. Before things heat up in Kelowna, clean the evaporator coils and change the air filters. Changing the filters alone can lower your energy consumption by up to 15 percent.
  4. Invest in window treatments. Installing shades or drapes will block the heat from entering through windows. Film is a good alternative to drapes. It allows you to block the heat, yet still use natural light to keep your house bright during the day.
  5. Use an energy-efficient power bar. Our electrical technician in Kelowna suggests using a power bar to run your electric equipment. Plug multiple units into the power bar and turn it off when not in use. That could put $100 back in your pocket each year.
  6. Cook outdoors. Most people don’t need an excuse to use their barbeque more often, but you can save energy by avoiding the use of your oven and stove which not only heat your food, but your home as well.
  7. Caulk air leaks and seal ducts. Air loss accounts for up to 30 percent of a cooling systems energy consumption. Apply caulking to cracks around windows and doors and insulate your duct work.
  8. Install a programmable thermostat. Save an estimated 10 percent on your cooling and heating costs in Kelowna by using a programmable thermostat. In the summer, keep it a fewer degrees warmer during the day and have your home cooled down by the time your return home from work.

Schedule Your Annual HVAC Inspection

Spring is the ideal time to give your cooling system its annual tune up. The experts at Wightman Mechanical / AR Dyck will get your HVAC system in Kelowna working in peak condition so you can rely on having cool air all summer long.

To avoid delays, book an appointment early in the season. Contact us today!